Clandestine - Coop Spy Game

Clandestine is a post-Cold War based stealth action game featuring a unique asymmetrical coop setup. The year is 1996, and the players work for a shadowy intelligence organization doing shadowy intelligence things. As a player you take the role of either Katya, a technician-turned-field agent, who goes out in the field and sneaks around, doing all the things you picture in your head when I say this is a stealth action spy game.

Alternatively you can play as Martin, a nerdy computer hacker who serves as the voice in the ear for Katya. As Martin you’ll be sitting back in the van, hacking into computer networks, taking over security cameras, keeping an eye on the map, and tagging security guards.

The graphics don’t look that great, but the reviews make the game sound more than worth it.

Yeah, it’s almost like they are using decade old engines. Some games get away with it, but I’m not sure if this type would.

I watched the YouTube video you linked. I’m intrigued. I might just pick it up if another MG’er is in since it’s on sale.