Guilded's Roblox Login Requirement is Around The Corner

Originally published at: Guilded's Roblox Login Requirement is Around The Corner - MultiplayerGamers

MultiplaygerGamers Guilded server will terminate once the Roblox requirement is enforced.

On May 31, 2024, our beloved Guilded announced a major change for all users of the service. In order to continue to use the service, you’ll have to register a Roblox account and login using the Roblox authentication servers.As seen on Guilded’s website:

What’s changing & why
Guilded’s mission is to build the best communication platform for your communities. In pursuit of this, we’re taking steps toward more deeply integrating with the Roblox platform. By connecting Guilded and Roblox accounts, we’re able to lay a foundation that will allow us to serve Guilded’s current users with more robust infrastructure and access to new capabilities – from improved spam and raid prevention, to advanced localization tools, and more – while also introducing new opportunities for Roblox communities to engage and grow on Guilded.

The news has been met with a lot of strong feelings as well as what could best be described as a “mass exodus” of users and partners alike. Reportedly, the Partners Guilded “Guild” has lost almost one-half of its members, including some big bot makers who provided functionality Guilded didn’t natively support. Could this be Guilded’s “Helldivers 2 moment?” Only time will tell, but it’s not looking good.

An anonymous Reddit user even decided to post their own rendition of Guilded’s home page welcome logo, expressing their disappointment and frustration with the situation. Still, others are holding onto hope of a “Sony Moment” where Roblox does a 180°.

Participants of the official Guilded server’s chat room labeled “Accounts connection feedback” has been a hot bed of activity at the beginning of the news, but has tapered off as July 15th draws nearer. Reality is settling in, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow for many loyal fans of Guilded.

There’s still a number of unanswered questions all over Reddit and other gaming forums as it relates to the Roblox invasion of Guilded. With such a tight integration, what of the people who don’t play Roblox or have no interest in the game? What about previous issues with Roblox accounts getting inadvertently banned? Do they also lose access to Guilded? Again, for those who have decided to stick it out, time will tell.

As far as MG is concerned, if you’ve kept up on our own saga with chat, you’re probably already aware we’ve also made the decision to leave Guilded for our own homeserver on Matrix. We will deeply miss Guilded as it had all the features and functions a gaming community could ever want, but that has the inherent risk of everything going away, as we’re witnessing now.

Goodbye, Guilded. You will be missed by many.