Holidays Post-Report

Acquire any new gear for the holidays? Share it with us! :slight_smile:

I acquired some clothes for my son, and for myself.

Then I acquired some gear for my computer. :slight_smile:

What did you get?

My Brother and I went halves on a 3D printer, one of the coolest purchase we made. Past that it was the typical clothes and food, nothing too exciting. Almost finished a case for a mini 4TB file server. Trashy did some cool stuff with with a phone gamepad mount.

Jealous. :slight_smile: I’ve been eyeing a MakerBot 2 for work for while now. I would absolutely love one at home, but I can’t justify the purchase.

Yea MakerBot 2 Looks really nice except for the price tag, we went the cheaper route and to be honest it’s a nice printer, we had to make some modifications to make it run well but they were all stuff that you can print out. they may not look pretty but I do suggest checking out as far a Cad programs I suggest it’s stupid easy to use and it’s Linux friendly.