MG Hosted Cinny Client Available

Originally published at: MG Hosted Cinny Client Available – MultiplayerGamers

MG came from Guilded (and before that, Discord) before hosting our own homeserver on the Matrix network. So, it’s understandable a lot of us are more used to Discord/Guilded’s interface for chatting. Element is a fantastic Matrix client. In fact we recommend it more than any other client. However, familiarity is important as well. So… We’re now hosting a Cinny client on MG at alongside Element available at

Cinny looks and feels very familiar to Discord and Guilded. However, it lacks some of the key features available in Element such as Video Chat, Voice Chat, and Message Threads. Still, if you’re coming from Discord, it might be a good one to start with.

Try one, or both! Sign into both at the same time and compare! The choice is yours.

You can read more about Cinny on their web site: