Twitch Test Streams

We’ll be doing some test streams via Twitch this weekend. The stream can be viewed at the URL below if anyone wants a sneak preview.

Please Note: This is my own personal Twitch channel, not the MG channel. We’ll be announcing the MG channel sometime after testing is done.

Well this will be very cool to watch!

Until I can upgrade and/or switch my current Internet provider (AT&T U-verse), Twitch seems impractical right now. My upstream can’t keep up with a decent enough quality video. With a (hopefully) upcoming move, we’re going to wait to upgrade. That said, I have hours of video footage which will appear on the MG YouTube Channel. We’ve been having an immense amount of fun making them.

I know I have a decent download speed now but not so sure about our upload. But if needed we can test out the waters if you like.

We’re seriously considering dropping U-verse for Charter, for various reasons, but mainly due to my issues with upstream. You really need a minimum of a 5Mbit upstream for a quality stream. Full 720p stream at a decent framerate and no skips consumes around 3.5Mbit on average.

We’ll definitely have to do some tests, @KlinK

New Twitch streaming channel:

My personal, “TheRealFunar” channel is still there, and I’ll likely continue using it, but my streams will primarily be on the MG channel.