Well it's official, I am one sick dude.

Well picture of my toon on the SWGemu Basilisk server. Finally got both Master Pistoleer and Master Creature Handler. Oh and that also a picture of my Master Doctor, Master Musician and my almost Master Dancer for those killer buffs. I do also have a Master Artisan and a upcoming Bio-Engineer. This is a play server so yes I leveled all of these toons.

Current build is Master Pistoleer, Master Creature Handler, Scout 4-0-4-0 and Medic 4-3-4-0 pretty much everything but the crafting part.

[GALLERY=media, 373]ScreenShot0001 by KlinK posted Aug 1, 2017 at 4:43 PM[/GALLERY]

I had no idea you were still playing! I’ve wanted to resurrect “Funar” for some time now. A bunch of us started playing Star Trek: Online as well.

I been off and on for some time now, but last few months I been pretty active with the game. The ground game is almost complete, but is fully playable so been having a blast doing the stuff i never got to do when we were on the real server.

FYI, Good Armor is fairly cheap compared to the live server, was able to get a cheap set of Ubese armor to level with and switch over to composite soon as I got my doctor to master. Made things really easy.

Well if you guys did want to start playing again, just send me a hangouts I can probably hook you guys up. I might need some assistance getting my Baby Bull Rancor at some point too.

You should join us on Discord -

Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities

…the private server.

Will do!

Still growing… You know you want too Funar again!.

oooooooh! I never did get that baby bull rancor… :confused:

The one in the picture is a Bio One, It’s not going to get any bigger then Level 37, I waiting a little bit for my higher leveled pets to grow up a little more before I even attempt to do Dathomire. I tried it on the test server with out a pet I can take on one Rancor but if I get more then one I am dead meat.

I also remember dying a horrible death over and over again just attempting to get your Bull Rancor… but what you expect when you take a Master Droid Engineer/Ship Wright on a Rancor hunt.